Welcome to the Metaverse of Steve Jackson Games!

You have entered the ever-growing portal to the online editions of our games . . . and some unique ones, as well. We hope that, especially as COVID remains an issue, you will enjoy playing these games at home . . . with your friends around the world. Have fun and stay safe!

Everything here, except for Ogre on Steam, is free. How do we earn money this way? Indirectly! If you enjoy a game online, you might buy it from your friendly local game store or from our own secret vaults at Warehouse 23. It's as simple as that.

Ultracorps — This multi-player space game challenges you to build and protect a growing empire against the evil incursions of your fellow players. New players welcome!

Ogre — The classic game of future tank warfare is now available online through . . . and soon, you'll be able to play it on Gameboard too!

VASSAL — The VASSAL system provides free online boards and counters for players who own the rules to various games. We have licensed VASSAL to offer play material for:

Munchkin — The full online game of Munchkin is still many months away. But you can play the amazing Dized tutorial and enjoy learning!

Tabletopia — The Tabletopia system is a good "virtual tabletop" for boardgames. You can play for free, or pay a little bit and have more games at once. Look at Tabletopia for:

And coming soon: Illuminati: Confirmed, an fully-featured online version of Illuminati from