Last Updated: 1-11-2023

Welcome to the Metaverse of Steve Jackson Games!

You have entered the ever-growing portal to the online editions of our games . . . and some unique ones, as well. We hope that, especially as COVID remains an issue, you will enjoy playing these games at home . . . with your friends around the world. Have fun and stay safe!

Many games here are free. How do we earn money this way? Indirectly! If you enjoy a game online, you might buy it from your friendly local game store or from our own secret vaults at Warehouse 23. It's as simple as that.

Ultracorps — This multi-player space game challenges you to build and protect a growing empire against the evil incursions of your fellow players. New players welcome!

Ogre — The classic game of future tank warfare is now available online through . . . and now available on Gameboard!

VASSAL — The VASSAL system provides free online boards and counters for players who own the rules to various games. We have licensed VASSAL to offer play material for:

MunchkinMunchkin Digital from Dire Wolf is now available on Steam, featuring online play. You can also play the amazing Dized tutorial and enjoy learning!

Tabletopia — The Tabletopia system is a good "virtual tabletop" for boardgames. You can play for free, or pay a little bit and have more games at once. Look at Tabletopia for:

Zombie Dice — In addition to the Tabletopia module, Zombie Dice is now available on Gameboard!

Illuminati — Now available on Steam! Illuminati is a digital reworking of Illuminati: New World Order.