Metaverse Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated December 18, 2019

  1. What is Metaverse?
  2. Sounds great! How do I join?
  3. Does it cost money to play?
  4. Will this be the only GURPS MOO?

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a text-based online multi-user roleplaying environment founded in 1993. All versions of the Metaverse so far have used the MOO core. However, the current edition is like no MOO you've ever seen. The emphasis here is roleplaying, using the GURPS character and combat system. As you adventure, your interactions with other players or creatures are based on your stats and skills.

We've put together a list of MOO resources, if you'd like more info on MOO itself.

Sounds great! How do I join?

Send mail to to be placed on the Metaverse mailing list.

If you want to play, read the Zodiac theme first, and then the introduction to the game. After that, you can browse our help files on the Web while you wait for your chance to log in.

This system is already very complex, and we will add features incrementally. The first version looks a lot like a hack-and-slash MUD, because you have to have basic object designs and combat rules before you get involved in real roleplaying. However, our current scenario, Zodiac, is designed to encourage interaction from the very beginning, even if everyone's basic motive is "Grab the loot and get out of here!

Does it cost money to play?

No. Access is free, and will probably be free for a long time, as we continue to develop the game. Eventually, we may sell banner ads, or (if the game becomes detailed enough) charge for access. But for now, if you want to support this project, just play the game and maybe buy a GURPS book once in a while :-)

Will this be the only online GURPS game?

No . . . once we get the core working, there will be a variety of games, some of which will allow player characters to move between different parts of the Metaverse.

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